Medical cannabis distribution, solved

Leafio is Australia's leading medical cannabis wholesaler. With free shipping and next-day delivery, we're helping pharmacies and suppliers connect through better distribution.

Getting medical cannabis where it needs to go

Leafio closes the gap between supplier, pharmacy and patient. Using cutting-edge logistics and supply management tools, we ensure deliveries that once took weeks now arrive in 24 hours. Whether you're a supplier or a pharmacist, we get your stock where it needs to go – on time, every time.

Delivering where it counts

Basgers Pharmacy

“Leafio helps me to run my medical cannabis business more effectively. It provides me with confidence that I have access to a wide range of products that can be delivered to my pharmacy quickly.”

Better Leaf

“My dispensary operations have transformed since moving my ordering to Leafio. I spend a lot less time ordering stock which lets me spend more time with patients.”

Tom Lane Pharmacy Greensborough

The Leafio team is an extension of our dispensary. They have taken the time to understand our pharmacy and have worked with us to make our day to day a lot easier.

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